Curated by Isabella Bustamante, Founder and Director of Teen Art Salon

“Juvenilia” is a group exhibition featuring the work of over twenty adolescent artists & poets (aged 13-19) from across North America. This selection of work serves as a living document of the risks, mistakes, delusions, confusion, and triumphs undertaken in pursuit of an artistic practice. By focusing on the early output of future practitioners, we see a formative sensibility that will inform potentially a lifelong practice.

Endeavoring to reclaim contemporary youth culture and defy its two-dimensional portrayal as a time of mere angst, “Juvenilia” surveys how the visual diaries of young creative-types inform a new set of complex social and performative behaviors from the perspective of artists still in transition.

Featuring work from those who have access to the most renowned art schools on the continent, to others who work solely within the confines of their iPhones, the goal of Teen Art Salon, and this exhibition, is to support, develop, and promote the creative pursuits of adolescents.


The show included works by: Megan Benesch, Mithsuca Berry, Celeste Cares, Jensen Foerster, Jack Hjerpe, Jungmi Kim, Senna Lauer, Calla McInnes, Stephen Michaels, Jordan Morales, Stella Mulroney, Genevieve Nollinger, Jessi Olarsch, Megan Schaller, and Lauren Tepfer. 

See the mad rush at the opening party of Juvenilia!