FRIDAY MAY 20 from 12-7pm
SATURDAY MAY 21 from 12-7pm
SATURDAY MAY 22 from 12-6pm

LINC LIC 43-10 Crescent St., Long Island City, NY 11101
E/M/G/7 trains to Court Square

Curated by Founder and Director Isabella Bustamante

Teen Art Salon presents Reprimand, a group exhibition featuring over 30 adolescent artists, who range in age from 13-19 and hail from Brazil to the Bronx. Reprimand will showcase never before seen artwork to the public, as a celebration of Teen Art Salon’s platform to support, develop, and promote the creative pursuits of adolescents.

This selection of close to 100 artworks introduces the newest of newcomers navigating their prelude to a self-directed art practice. Employing humor, dexterity, and uncompromising commitment to craft, the teenagers of Reprimand create compelling content and compositions across a variety of mediums.

The road to the art world has its own challenges, but Reprimand’s art kids employ a reflective & reflexive process of making art & making identity that propels these young artists from the nascent to the next in line.

Alex Arauz, Kira Bentley, Sarah-Lisa Bord, Louise Buckley, Celeste Cares, Danielle Cohen, Matthew Crisson, Tai Cruz, Jensen Foerster, Camilla Frater, Isabella Gomes Dias, Maya Greenberg, Shannon Hanna, Michaela Hosp, Mae Krell, Senna Lauer, Maya Lee, Alice Liu, Selma Lundstrom, Devon Ma, Calla McInnes, Stephen Michaels, Stella Mulroney, Genevieve Nollinger, Taylor Paydos, Rylan Pembroke, James Perry, Olivia Ramo, Samuel Saboia Dos Santos Franco, Eden Taff, Quinn Wilke, Kati Yewell, & Ava Young.

*Artworks will be for sale.